By Infinium |02 October 2011

Minting Business

The Minting Business is into manufacturing of various minted products which are used for Corporate Gifting, Investment Purpose, Ecommerce Retail and many others. Minting Business is categorized in three areas of activities:


Fine Gold & Silver coins & Bars for Investment and Corporate Gifting purpose.

Coin Blanks:

Ready to strike Coin Blanks of Fine Gold, Fine Silver and various base metals alloys such as bronze, copper Brass, Nickel, Cupro-nickel, Aluminium etc. Infinium manufactured Coin blanks are supplied to Government of India Mint.

Commemorative Coins:

These are precious as well as alloy based non-precious coins manufactured largely to celebrate or commemorate the various national personalities, leaders, events or monuments of national importance which are sold as collectibles.

Fine Chemicals:

Under Fine Chemicals, Infinium develops & manufactures technologies for customers in the pharmaceutical, personal care, oral care, environmental & energy industries. Infinium Fine Chemical products cater to following business areas:

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Personal & Oral care
  • Lab Chemicals
  • Water Purification
  • Mirror Glass
  • Batteries

Performance Coating

These are predominantly precious metals salts & compounds in the forms of Nitrates, Oxides, Chlorides, Sulphates etc., which are used in production of various applications used in Electroplating, Electronics, Electric Switchgears, Printed Circuit Boards, Indelible inks.

  • Electronics Industry
  • Electrical & Switchgear Industry
  • Automobile industry
  • Engineering Industry
  • Indelible Ink Manufacturers