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By Infinium |02 October 2011

Instrument Lab:

Varian AAS Model FS 220, Fisher ED XRF, Mettler Auto Titrater.

Wet Chemical Lab:

To carry out various gravimetric and volumetric analysis

Fire Assay Lab

Fire Assay facility for analysing precious metals.

Products Developed

Silver Based Salts & Prducts Palladium Based Salts & Prducts Platinum Based Salts & Prducts
Silver Nitrate AR & LR Palladium Chloride LR Potassium Tetrachloroplatinate LR
Silver Sulphate AR & LR Palladium Tetraminesulphate LR Platinum Oxide LR
Silver Oxide LR Palladium Acetate LR Platinum 99.95%*
Silver Sulphadiazine LR Bis triphenylphosphine palladium (II) chloride LR
Silver Benzoate LR Tetrakis triphenylphosphine palladium(0) LR Gold Based Salts & Products
Silver Acetate LR GPC
Silver Carbonate LR Gold Chloride
Silver 99.99%* Gold 99.99%*

Products Developed

Silver Based Spent Palladium Based Spent Platinum Based Spent
Recovery from Spent Anodes Recovery from Spent Carbon Based Catalyst Recovery from Spent PTCP sludge
Recovery from Spent plating Solutions Recovery from Spent Alumina Based Catalyst Recovery from Platinum Jewellery
Recovery from Spent Catalyst (Silver Oxide) Recovery from Spent Palladium Chloride Solution Gold Based Recyling
Recovery from Jewellery Recovery from Spent Gold Plating Solution
Recovery from Spent Silver Nitrate solution of Mirror Industry Recovery from Dore Bars
Recovery from Spent Silver Nitrate of Pharma Industry Recovery from Used Jewellery
Recovery of Gold & Iodine from Micro Electronic Gold Dissolution Solution
Recovery of precious metals from PGM concentrate Recovery of Gold & Silver from Silk Saree Zari
One of the few companies having Hydrometallurgical format encompassing a Broad range of Raw material Feeds.

Patents Field

Sr. No. Ref. No. Application No. App. Number C.B.R. No. Fee Payment Remarks
1 2619/MUM/2014 4000 12868 Full Electrolytic process for preperation of metal Carboxylate Complexes