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By Infinium |02 October 2011

Products & Minting

Products & Minting

# Product CAS NO. # Mol Formula
Silver Salt
1 Silver Nitrate 7761-88-8 AgNO3
2 Silver Sulphadiazine 22199-08-2 C10H9AgN4O2S
3 Silver Oxide 20667-12-3 Ag2O
4 Silver Sulphate 10294-26-5 Ag2SO4
5 Silver Acetate 563-63-3 CH3COOAg
6 Silver Benzoate 532-31-0 C6H5CO2Ag
7 Silver Carbonate 534-16-7 Ag2CO3

Products - Fine Chemicals & Performance Coating

# Product CAS NO. # Mol Formula
Platinum Salts
1 Pottasium Tetra Chloro Platinate (PTCP) 10025-99-7 K2PtCl4
2 Platinum (IV) Oxide 52785-06-5 PtO2
Palladium Salts
1 Palladium (II) Chloride 7467-10-1 PtO2
2 Palladium (II) Acetate 3375-51-3 Pd(OCOCH3)2
3 Tetrakis (Triphenylphine) Palladium 14221-01-3 Pd[(C6H5)3P]4
4 Bis (Triphenylphine) Palladium (II) Chloride 13965-03-2 [(C6H5)3P]2PdCl2
5 Palladium Tetramine Sulphate 13601-06-4 [Pd(NH3)4]SO4


Precious Metal Scrap Sourcing

Procurement of precious metal scrap from primary raw material feeds such as Gold & Silver Dore, PGM concentrates and secondary form various industries, in the form of spent solutions, spent catalysts, auto catalyst from in integral part of this domain.

Toll Refining

Treating complex waste streams containing precious and other non-ferrous metal. The operation can recover various precious and other non-ferrous metals. The operations can recover various precious and non-ferrous metals from a wide range of input materials ranging from industrial residues to end of life materials. We toll Precious metal waste and get the same refined at our premises and then return the goods either in the form of pure metal or in the form of Value added products such as salts and fine Chemicals.

Products - Scrap / Raw Material Feeds (Refining & Recycling)

# Product Application Industry
1 Connector Scrap Electronics and Electrical
2 Electrical Switchgear Electronics and Electrical
3 Precious Metal Spent Solution(Gold, Silver & Palladium) PCB and other surface coating industry.
4 Activated Carbon Based Spent Catalyst Pharmeceutical
5 Waste Hypo & Film Silver Photographic Industry and the Cenematography Industry
6 Scrap Catalyic Convertor / Monolythic Automobile
7 Gold & Silver Auction Through auction @ Customs, Banks, Gold Loan NBFC

Gold Aggregation

Tie up with India’s leading gold loan company Muthoot Exim. Muthoot is having 3000 outlets across India. First Muthoot “Gold Point” at Coimbatore. Infinium Manages the Assay @ Site, Imparts Training and also provides Laboratory Services and Refining Services and converts their Precious metal into Bullion for Resale.

All Test are Conducted conforming to ISO/ICE 17025 : 2005. All products are tested by NABL Accreditation

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